Do you sell my information to anyone?

We do not sell your information. In the future, you will have the option to provide your data anonymously that could be shared with research groups. But that will require your explicit permission.

Who can see my information?

Your personally selected Circle of Care are the only people who can see your information. If a Circle of Care account is provided for you through an invitation from an organization, that entity can also see your information. 

How do I know my information is kept private?

We built REUNIONCare to meet the standards required by the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communication Commission. Your REUNIONCare account is monitored daily for hacking and other security intrusions. Everything we do observes the strictest of privacy and security rules.

Can I sign up from my smart phone?

Yes. You can sign up by visiting on your web enabled device. Will my provider use the information on my device? You have the option of sharing your information with your care providers as Circle of Care members.

What platforms does the mobile app work on?

REUNIONCare works on any web enabled device. Smart phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, and desktop computers all use internet services to connect with your REUNIONCare account.

What is the cost of a Provider Portal?

The Provider Portal starts with an initial Software as a Service Set-up $20,000.00 one-time fee.  The annual updates cost $3,000.00 due on the anniversary date of the contract.

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