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Grounded in a Strengths Perspective, Driven by Identified Needs, Longitudinal Care, Supported Provider Portal Unified Care Plan, and Person-Centered Care

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Product Market Fit

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

99% of innovation comes from solving a problem. REUNIONCare is the direct result of my father’s medical journey more than a decade ago. After retirement as he and my mother settled into what was supposed to be the golden years. He began suffering what appeared to be unrelated aches and pains. They changed their diet. He would visit his local doctor who would treat him one symptom at a time. You know his story; it happens every day to millions of people. Then the one practitioner who then starts to look deeper, finds the underlying disease, cancer.

Product Market Fit

REUNIONCare began as a wireframe and specifications document that unites my knowledge in public health, social work, and my new skills in health information technology.

Social Determinants of Health

Today we are experiencing an honest effort to tear down the information siloes to feed into community-based care. The community care hubs, Medicare Advantage, and the ACO REACH models are showing real promise in building collaborations in whole person care. Most importantly, our nation cannot afford to continue to finance healthcare with an open checkbook.

Social determinants of health play the leading role in determining what treatments succeed and those that fail so focus on the root causes with social and behavioral health interventions. Addressing health inequities and the related social determinants of health to curb medical cost and improve the nation’s quality of life should not have been this long and hard. REUNIONCare was built for this moment years ago. I am pleased we are now finding product market fit.

Community Care Hub

Dynamic coordinated care plans engaging the right local resource to address care needs.  REUNIONCare’s Provider Portal is seamlessly connected to each Circle of Care.

No Wrong Door

ACO Reach model is redefining healthcare.  Today community health workers tackle social and behavioral health in tandem with the primary care providers.

Social Determinants of Health

A patient isn’t an organ or disease state. Managed Care Organizations are enlisting the right community partners for whole person care.  Home-based services saves money, time, and improves quality of life.

Feedback & Tracking Outcomes

You cannot improve it if you don’t measure is a bedrock principle of good business.  Using a shared data taxonomy, we can measure, share, and improve services across organizations.  Let us show you how it works.

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