REUNIONCare For Your Aging Journey

We stand at a unique moment in human history. By the year 2029 will be the high-water mark as 14.4 million US citizens will be over age 65 as size of the family is rapidly declining. This means we have less family members to care for each vulnerable person needing care. At the same time, we are living longer than any time in human evolution. Longer lives and declining family size calls for new models and social norms.

REUNIONCare is Technology for Aging Success

Information technology sits at the center of how we communicate and care for each other in this new era. REUNIONCare unites trusted family and friends to join in your aging journey. You set your life and health goals. Your complete the assessments and our team of experts will record, manage, and offer expert advice for your aging journey.

Medicare Embraces Person-Centered Care

Medicare and Medicaid programs are engaging in innovative person-centered care coordination. This is a sea change from the big brother days of denying care to a new day of motivate members into proactive care with annual physicals and wellness visits. In addition, these new health insurance models focus on the Social Determinants of Health and improving access to care. Medicare and Medicaid companies are now using our social service networks for transportation, housing, food and meal delivery, education, recreation, and social connections bringing more joy and health to their members. REUNIONCare is wraparound care bringing care team members, social care services, and trusted family and friends into your person-centered care plan.

Right Information, Right Time, Right Place, and Right Action

Our vision is to enable timely interventions and care coordination that is supported by data and technology for a seamless experience and optimized care delivery across providers and care settings in a wraparound care model. Home and community-based organizations are essential team members, along with traditional medical services, to lower cost and improve a person’s ability to age at home.