Live Like a Scout, Be Prepared

The Scout motto applies to unexpected weather and disaster emergencies as well.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency list these important considerations because your family may not be together if a disaster strikes, so it is important to think about the following situations and plan just in case.

Make a Plan

  • Use emergency alert apps on your smart phone
  • Follow local TV news channels for updates
  • Know your transportation options for evacuating
  • Keep a paper phone tree in your travel bag
  • Share your plan for informing others of your status
  • Set a designated meeting place

Take Action

Set up a REUNIONCare account with a Circle of Care filled with family and caregivers in addition to listing all the physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other providers for quick reference on the go.

Keep a one-month supply of medications in the original containers with the prescription clearly visible ready for evacuations. A medical identification card or bracelet is helpful listing allergies, medications, diagnosis and emergency contact.  Be sure to store the medications as directed which may include a small cooler for items such as insulin.

Be sure to take along any monitoring, mobility and other adaptive equipment from CreditForCaring. Pack up older/alternative prescription glasses, hearing aids and other devices that may work short term in case an item is left behind.

Keep a suitcase packed with a week of clothes, toiletries and other personal supplies along with the medical equipment in an easy to reach location, preferably near the most common exit. This will minimize the time and energy devoted to moving things allowing for more time to concentrate assisting people.