What Is REUNIONCare?

REUNIONCare is designed as a new low cost, easy to use software driven family-based care management platform to benefit all seniors needing assistance – including those that fail to qualify for low-income programs or cannot afford private pay skilled nursing services.  It provides an innovative and essential social safety net using technology empowering seniors to declare their life goals, have them honored by all stakeholders and age safely in place.


The cost?

$4.99 per month.


How will having my healthcare information and records available on REUNIONCare be useful to me?

Your REUNIONCare health record is useful for several reasons. First, you’ll have all your healthcare information stored in one secure place, not siloed among your various providers. Second, REUNIONCare is a tool to simply share your health information quickly. When your healthcare team asks you what medications you are taking, you can instantly share the list.  With access to your complete health story, you can work with your entire Care Team as well as your family and friends to make the best choices for you.


What happens if I relocate, change physicians, or insurance providers?

That’s the beauty of REUNIONCare! Once you get your information into your REUNIONCare account, it’s yours and it goes where you go. Unlike most patient and insurance portals, your REUNIONCare record is independent of specific physicians and insurance providers. By having this data, it makes the process of getting established with a new provider very easy. You can share any part of your health record with your new provider.

How do I find out about REUNIONCare updates?

We work around the clock to keep REUNIONCare updated. New releases are frequent, so you have the best, most convenient access to your health records. We send update emails, post on our blog, and inform with in-app notifications.


Will REUNIONCare notify family members in the event of an emergency or health crisis?

We encourage you to list emergency contacts into your personal profile so you can share the information with your Care Team. In case of an emergency, please call 911 immediately!


If I discontinue service, what happens to my records?

We’ll hate to see you go, but the data is yours.

What platforms does the mobile app work on?

Our iPhone and Android applications are available now. Check it out—and use Care Manager tools while you’re at your appointments! We’ve heard some incredible stories of patients stuck in the ER—they’re avoiding tests and getting better care when they have all their data available!

Can I sign up from my mobile phone?

Yes. You can sign up by visiting REUNIONCare.com  on your mobile device.


How long does it take to get my records…and how do I know the status?

The time to get records varies, depending on your providers’ response times. We’ve had records come in a record ONE DAY! Unfortunately, some take longer, especially if the records are in storage or are larger files. Medical practices are required to provide records within 30 days of the request.


How many people can I add to my Care Team?

As many as you need or want! Every family member, friend, Care Team member or Community Based Service Provider you want can be a REUNIONCare member.

REUNIONCare Calendar

Can I add Appointments to my REUNIONCare calendar?

Yes, you can! You can add appointments to capture all your appointments in one place.  Sign-up for your Circle of Care account to receive a complete users guide on the features and functions of REUNIONCare.

Family & Caregivers

I am caring for an elderly parent. Can REUNIONCare help?

Absolutely. With REUNIONCare, as a delegate you can create profiles using your parent’s information.  We understand caregiving isn’t an easy process and have created this program to lighten your load.

How do I remove someone from my Care Team?

Use the edit button next to the Circle member.

Security & Privacy

How do I know my information is kept private?

REUNIONCare is built on a Health Information Portability and Accountability Act secure Microsoft Azure platform with the highest level of internet security.  privacy platform. When you create a login, a secure email is sent to you, and your account is activated after you confirm it. Everything we do observes the strictest of privacy and security rule.

Who can see my information?

Each time you add a family member or caregiver, you decide what level of information the person can see, and you can change it at any time.

Do you sell my information to anyone?

We do not sell your information. In the future, you will have the option to provide your data anonymously that could be shared with research groups. But that will require your explicit permission.