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Our team of experts are dedicated to overcoming the fragmented care system.  Fundamental to the disconnect is the lack information sharing.

Outdated or limited access to patient portals or health records can significantly impact care management. Who can remember their username and passwords for all these sites?  Yet consumers and family caregivers often lack the tools to routinely collect, organize, or access doctors’ notes or family reminders, family caregiver updates, and word-of-mouth notes for each care team member. It also leaves family and friends looking for notes or folders for written records, which is time-consuming and prone to error. Naturally, this opens the door for miscommunication among family caregivers, care team members, and those receiving care. For this reason, inefficient technology is a significant barrier to care management, hindering older adults’ quality of life. Sharing vital information is too important to leave to chance. Timely communication and information sharing keeps the proactive planning active and responsive to current needs.


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Engage care professionals and trusted family and friends under a unified, dynamic care plan.

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Monica Stynchula

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ozzie Ahmed

Chief Medical Officer

JR Keene

Chief Information Officer

Warren Fridy

IT Architect

Jamie Fridy

IT Operations

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